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We use the latest capture and post-processing techniques on the ground or in the air to deliver high quality visual content at a budget friendly scale.

Our services

We're here to help with any projects that require lovingly crafted imagery, whether that's selling a beautiful house, showing off your products, spaces  and services or perhaps you need a short promotional film. We think along with you and use a wide array of techniques in image and sound engineering to bring your projects to life.

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Drone Operations

We are licensed and insured to operate drones commercially in many places and through the EU. We routinely use a variety of different drones including highly technical FPV drones to create bleeding edge aerial imagery or to inspect and visualize places you can't see from the ground.

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We bring years of experience shooting all kind of content and equipment. We use the latest camera technology available to deliver high resolution stills and video up to 8k. We use advanced techniques to deliver the quality your content deserves.

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We process the imagery through a complete post-production funnel using industry standard tools and methods the whole way through. In our Studio we can not only edit photographs and movies but also record, produce and mix audio as well as sprinkle in some 3D modeling.



I'm Benoit

I'm your host here at Mahuta, over the years I've explored a number of technical creative fields and acquired a business operations management background along the way. It's a joy to bring this experience to the service of your projects.

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The story behind Mahuta

Mahuta: to take flight

The word comes to us from the beautiful beaches of French Polynesia.

This project was born from a renewed passion for imagery after falling deeply into drones. After nearly 10 years away from cameras as an income, it was time to take flight. We now offer comprehensive solutions for image-making and video production in multiple niches.

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Real Estate

We know how important presentation is for selling top-market houses. In collaboration with our trusted partners we offer you one-stop-shop real estate packages so you only have to deal with a single, human-sized partner for magazine-grade photos and videos (including aerial shots), NEN2580 floorplans and virtual visits all for an affordable, transparent bundle price.

Equipment | Technique | Creativity

An eye for detail

We're passionate about our craft and delivering quality results. We pull all the stops to get you the visuals your projects deserve. We do this as a small business with lean operations costs, allowing us to offer you attractive prices compared to industry equivalents, and a warm relationship.


Contact us


We operate from Mijdrecht, the Netherlands, but will travel to anywhere in the EU for your projects (travel fees may apply)*


+31 6 44 57 42 80

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 8:00 pm

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